Displaying archived material documents using indexes


Prior to Release 4.0, it was necessary to enter both the archive name and material document number in order to display archived documents. These entries were required for generating an archive database search.

As of Release 4.0A, when the system archives material documents, indexes and short documents are created, which enable quicker access to the archived material documents you want to find.

The indexes contain the archiving data that forms the basis for access to the archive. The short documents contain all relevant information about the material documents. If you are looking for a particular material document, enter only the short document belonging to the material document and the system accesses the archive via the indexes.

In addition, you can define your own selection options. For example, you can enter a selection criterion so that only a particular vendor's material documents are displayed.

Further notes

For further information on using indexed archives, refer to the R/3 library - MM Materials Management - Inventory Management - Special Topics section - Archiving, or see the report documentation.

In particular, this contains information on how to define your own selection options.