Valuated sales order and project stock


Prior to Release 4.0, in Inventory Management, sales order and project stock were only managed on a quantity basis and not on a value basis. For valuation purposes, they were managed via a cost collector. The system did not carry out financial accounting postings for goods movements, and you could not obtain an overview of how the stock was valuated until the end of the settlement period in Controlling.

As of Release 4.0A, you can manage these stocks as valuated special stocks. In Financial Accounting, you have immediate access to their value. The assigned accounts are debited and credited as a result of the valuated goods movements.

In the Accounting view of the material master record, you can define your own valuation classes for the customer order and project stock in the steps sales order valuation class and project stock valuation class. This enables you to create your own stock accounts.

You can carry out the same movements (with reversal) for valuated special stocks as you do for non-valuated special stocks.

You can display the valuated special stocks by carrying out the report RM07MBWS using transaction SE38.

For detailed information on valuated special stocks from a controlling point of view, refer to the Release Information for Product Cost Controlling. This focuses on which system parameters you have to change in order to work with valuated special stocks.

Further notes