Conversion of consignment price segments to info records


For Release 4.0A, new functions have been added to consignment management. The consignment price for procuring a particular consignment material from a particular vendor is now stored in a consignment info record.

Consignment info records are similar to purchasing info records:

For Release 4.0A, the consignment info records are supported parallel to the old consignment price segments. Every time you maintain the old consignment price segments, a message appears, pointing out that there is a new function in the Purchasing menu.

Conversion of consignment price segments

In the course of 4.0, the consignment price segments must be converted to info records. You can carry out this conversion in Customizing at any time during 4.0. You can no longer maintain consignment price segments after you have carried out this conversion.

The old consignment price segments are not deleted by the conversion, but the system sets a deletion indicator . The deletion is carried out by reorganizing material master records.

Change system parameters in customizing

In Customizing, you define where the consignment prices should be stored.

Changes in procedure

Consignment price segments will continue to be maintained in the Material Master menu under Special stock -> Vendor consignment. Consignment info records can be found in the Purchasing menu under Master data -> Info record .


After Release 4.0, consignment price segments will no longer be supported and you will only be able to work with info records.

Further notes

Information on further enhancements to consignment processing is contained in the following Release information: