Changes in the function module MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT



This is a technical Release info for customers using this function module in their own programs.

For Release 4.0A, the function module MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT has been split into two parts:

The function module MB_POST_GOODS_MOVEMENT has to run after the function module MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT. You must ensure that there is at least one item to be posted. This is checked internally. If there are no items to be posted, the system issues a termination message.

After you call MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT, the EMKPF-SUBRC field is filled with the value 1 if items exist.

Then, the error handling program should run in the application being used. This is necessary if EMKPF-SUBRC is greater than 1.

When all items in the application being used have been processed, function module MB_POST_GOODS_MOVEMENT is called. A termination message is issued if errors occur within this function module.

The fields EMSEG-MBLNR and EMSEG-MJAHR are no longer filled. This information is now contained in EMKPF-MBLNR and EMKPF-MJAHR.

If the function module MB_POST_GOODS_MOVEMENT is successfully processed, the field EMKPF-SUBRC is initialized.

The COMMIT WORK is set in the program being used after MB_POST_GOODS_MOVEMENT is called.