Negative stocks for materials with moving average price


Prior to Release 4.0, you could only manage negative stocks for materials with standard price control.

As of Release 4.0A, you can have negative stocks for the following:

For more information on negative stocks, refer to the R/3 library - MM Materials Management - Inventory Management - Master Data section - Material Master Data - Negative Stocks.

Change system parameters in customizing

In order to work with negative stocks, you have to configure this for the valuation area and storage location in Customizing for Inventory Management. In the material master record (storage data), you must set the Neg. stocks, plant indicator.

Negative stocks are already allowed for special stocks if you have activated negative stocks in the valuation area and for the special stock concerned in the plant. You do not have to activate negative stocks in the material master record for each special stock.

In Customizing, you can configure negative stocks in the steps Materials Management -> Inventory Management -> Goods Issue/Transfer Postings -> Allow negative stocks.

If the first movement of a material is an outward movement, you can activate the automatic creation of storage location data for goods issues in Customizing in the step Create storage location automatically .

Further notes