Enhancements to output determination in Inventory Management


For Release 4.0A, the following functions have been added to output determination in Inventory Management:

Printer determination per user

You can now define one printer for each output type and user. To do so, you have to enter the print parameter U in the output type field and, in Customizing for printer determination, you have to maintain the printer for each output type and user.

Alternatively, you can print a message from the printer defined in the user master record. To do so, you must enter the print parameter S in the output type field.

Formatting facility for printer determination per plant/storage location

If you only want to define one printer per plant/storage location or per plant/storage location/user group, you can now define your entry without specifying an output type. Previously, you had to enter an output type.

Mail message MLUD for underdeliveries

In the case of an under delivery, you can now send a mail message to the person who entered the purchase order. As with message MLGR, (mail at goods receipt), you must set the GR message indicator in the purchase order. The mail message is created when the system issues a warning message due to under or over delivery for a goods receipt for purchase order.

To set the new output type, you have to run the program RM07NCU4. Afterwards, you have to maintain the mail text for message type MLUD (in the same way as message type MLGR) and create a condition record.

User exit for printing item data on goods receipt/issue slips

A user exit for printing item data has been developed so that you do not have to copy or change the standard program SAPM07DR for printing goods receipt/issue slips in order to print your own data. The user exit is defined as SAP enhancement MBCF0005 and you can maintain it using transaction CMOD. For a detailed description, refer to the enhancement documentation.

Change system parameters in customizing

You can configure the settings for output determination in Customizing for Inventory Management: