Field selection for goods movement initial and header screens


Prior to Release 4.0, in Customizing, you could not configure the input and output attribute of the fields on the goods movements initial and header screens. Consequently, users had access to the fields they did not require or were not authorized to change. Other fields, which were necessary for further processing of the data entered, could be left empty because they were not required fields. You could only change the input/output attribute by modifying the screen.

As of Release 4.0A, you can configure the fields on the goods movements initial and header screens. The settings that can be made include:

You can define the field selection independently of other fields that affect it. In Customizing, you can therefore adapt the field selection to suit the transaction and thereby set different field selection definitions for different countries or company codes.

Change system parameters in customizing

In Customizing, you define the settings you require in the steps Materials Management -> Inventory Management -> Field selection for goods movements initial/header screens.

You do not need to change anything if you only require the Standard configuration on the initial and header screens.