Suggest zero lines on initial screens


Prior to Release 4.0, on the selection screen, the system suggested zero lines for items with a quantity of zero for certain goods movements with reference to purchase orders, orders, and reservations (for example, after reversals and return deliveries). As a result, the selection screen for documents containing numerous items was confusing.

As of Release 4.0A, on the initial screen you can determine whether the system suggests zero lines on the selection screen. You can switch off the Suggest zero lines checkbox using the new field selection. You can define a user-specific standard value by choosing System -> User profile -> Own data -> Parameters, using the parameters NUL and NUR. Set an X as the parameter value.

Changes to the interface

On the initial screens, the Suggest zero lines checkbox is beside the Default for document items

Further notes

Further information on settings for initial screens is contained in the Release information Field selection for goods movements initial and header screens