Physical inventory: New functions in the retail sector


As a result of requirements from the retail sector (SAP Retail), Release 4.0A includes the following new functions:

Of which, the following were not included in SAP Retail 1.2B :

For further information on physical inventory, refer to the Release information Improvements in physical inventory .

Physical inventory for value-only materials (basic functions)

Since no stock information exists for the individual materials assigned to value-only materials, a physical inventory is carried out for the value-only material on the basis of the sales value. You must specify the sales value when you count a value-only material. The difference is derived by comparing the current stock value at sales price with the sales price determined during the physical inventory.

Support of store physical inventories (basic functions)

You can only use this function if you use

SAP Retail.

If a store's inventory is managed at head office, the physical inventory in the store is carried out in the same way as a physical inventory at head office. To facilitate communication with the store, the following functions are also available:

If inventory management of the material to be counted at head office is not material-specific, there are two different ways of transferring the information:

When you are creating the IDocs, you can sort the items by layout area and sequence within the layout areas.

Not all types of special stock are supported in a store physical inventory. You can use the special stock types consignment material with vendor and returnable transport packaging with vendor.

Generation of physical inventory documents in count-data processing

You can only use this function if you use

SAP Retail.

You can use this function in a store physical inventory if the store has not received any document data from head office before the count (for example, if the store creates count lists using a store retailing system). In this case, the physical inventory documents in the R/3 System can be automatically generated when the count data is processed.

In Customizing, you can configure whether you want the system to generate the documents and how they should be generated. These Customizing settings are made on a plant by plant basis. You can override these settings for each IDoc by using a user exit.

Store physical inventory IDoc segment for customer-specific data

You can only use this function if you use

SAP Retail.

You can add customer-specific fields to the IDoc type for the store physical inventory data in a special segment. Every IDoc item can be assigned several such segments.

If the system recognizes customer-specific segments during inbound processing at head office, it triggers a user exit, in which you can process the data as required.

Physical inventory controlling using the LIS

You can monitor a current physical inventory using a new information structure. This structure is updated when you enter count results.

As a result, you can obtain an overview of large variances even before inventory differences are posted. In this case, you can also use the Early Warning System.

Change system parameters in customizing

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Store phys. inventory control