Improvements in physical inventory


For Release 4.0A, a number of improvements and enhancements have been made to physical inventory handling:

Revised list of inventory differences

The list of inventory differences is now displayed with the list viewer. All of the functions in the list viewer can be used. For detailed information on the list viewer, refer to the following Release information: New report design in Inventory Management .

You can also access the following transactions directly from the list of inventory differences:

Introduction of a physical inventory number

You can also use a physical inventory number which has been created above the physical inventory document number. This allows you to group physical inventory documents that belong together organizationally. You issue physical inventory numbers when creating and changing physical inventory documents and can use these afterwards as an additional selection criterion for physical inventory reports. You can therefore display the physical inventory documents for a particular month or department without having to search the list of inventory differences.

Connection to the Logistics Information System (LIS)

The physical inventory is now connected to the Logistics Information System (LIS). When inventory differences are being updated in the LIS, they are displayed both on a quantity and on a value basis. The physical inventory items are aggregrated at inventory number, plant, storage location, and material level. If you need more detailed information on the inventory differences, you can access the list of inventory differences directly from the LIS and continue the analysis at item level.