Lowest value determination based on market prices


Release 4.0A contains the following new functions for determining the lowest value based on market prices:

1. New options for price sources from scheduling agreements and standard prices.
2. You can determine the sequence of priority for the price sources.
3. You can select the price for comparison (base price) from a pre-defined selection. You can also suppress the comparison altogether.
4. The valuation level can be varied, without requiring any changes to the Customizing settings.
5. If required, the market price can be copied to the tax and commercial price 2 and 3 fields and to the future planned price field.
6. The material master can be updated online, for example for test purposes.
7. Various user exits are available for you to be able to influence the program logic:
a) You can have the program skip individual purchasing documents or their items, for example, because they are marked for deletion or assigned to an account.
b) You can have the system adopt a different price from purchasing documents rather than the price determined by the standard system.
c) In addition to the sort and exchange rate strategies contained in the standard system, you can also define your own strategies.