WM: Lean WM - Using a Transfer Order as a Pick Order


With Release 4.0, the new Lean WM functionality makes it possible for you to create transfer orders for deliveries when no storage bins are managed in the system. It is used primarily to handle pick orders for deliveries. Transfer orders that are created for deliveries in Lean WM are used to pick stock from available fixed bins in the warehouse that are not managed using the WM component.

In the normal WM structure, you process receipts that result in an increase in stock in the warehouse and goods issues that result in a decrease in stock in the warehouse. For this normal process, the stock is managed in individual storage bins in the warehouse. For Lean WM, you do not process goods receipts or goods issues as a subsequent process in WM and no storage bins are managed in the WM component. This also means that the WM component does not update stock data using quants . Instead, this transaction takes place entirely at the storage location level.

Since Lean WM is used at the storage location level, you can only display quantities of stock in Management (IM) and not with the WM stock overview task.

Transfer Order Characteristics

The characteristics of a transfer order created for Lean WM are basically the same as for any transfer order:

Change system parameters in customizing

Before you use Lean WM, you need to make a few configuration changes in customizing as follows:

1. Create and/or assign a storage location to a warehouse number
2. As a minimum you should define at least three storage types:
a) a storage type (to be used as a source storage type) with one or more fixed storage bins
b) a shipping area (as a destination storage type) for deliveries
c) an interim storage area for differences

For detailed instructions, see Lean WM in the Shipping IMG documentation

Changes in procedure

Generally, the processes used in Lean WM are similar to those in normal WM. There are deliveries and transfer orders are created for the deliveries. However, with Lean WM, it is much easier to create the transfer order.

To carry out a stock transfer in Lean WM, there are 3 steps:

1. Create a delivery in the SD Shipping component
2. Create a transfer order for the delivery.
3. Confirm the transfer order.