WM: Active Capacity Check


You carry out the search for a suitable bin for putaway using the unit type and thestorage bin type within the strategies. The capacity check operates, for performance reasons, on a passive basis, that is, the system checks each bin found or entered for putaway on the basis of the available capacity set in Customizing. If there is not sufficient capacity, the system reacts with an error message. The only exceptions to this rule are strategy F (fixed bin) and strategy I (addition to existing stock). The advantage of this regulation is that the search process is efficient. The disadvantage, however, is that the search process terminates with an error message and manual entries are required if the bin found does not have sufficient capacity.

As of Release 4.0, it is possible to have the capacity check run actively for strategies I, L and P, that is, any bin found is first checked with respect to its capacity and only proposed if the capacity is sufficient. This can be appropriate if you have very heavy materials that, for reasons of stability, cannot be stored side by side in a bin - although this would be appropriate because of the storage unit type.

This active capacity check is only recommendable if a bin is refused only "seldom". Otherwise you have to reckon with considerable losses in performance. If, for example, in a particular storage type, 1000 bins of a particular storage bin type are empty and this bin type is set up in Customizing for the storage unit type to be placed into stock, these 1000 bins are first blocked, read, and checked before the system searches for bins of another bin type or in another storage type.

Change system parameters in customizing

The active capacity check can be activated in Customizing in the storage type for Stock placement strategies L, I and P.