WM: Several Storage Locations for Warehouse Number


Up to Release 3.1, you could only manage the stock of one storage location within a warehouse number for each plant. With Release 4.0, this limitation has been removed because the business implications of the organizational unit storage location have increased, and, increasingly, more than one storage location per plant is to be defined: either to represent the ownership status of companies, or to be able to make important planning decisions at this level. If the stock of these storage locations is to be stored and managed in one and the same warehouse, this can be represented - as of Release 4.0 - through the assignment of any number of storage locations of a plant to the same warehouse number.

For customers who only wish to manage stocks of a storage location per plant in the WM warehouse as they have been doing so far, the system procedure remains the same. No further Customizing settings are required. Through the unique assignment of plant / storage location, the respective storage location can, if required, be derived without any problem.

In scenarios where several storage locations are assigned to a warehouse in order to display the ownership status of the companies on the goods stored and in scenarios where goods movements between storage locations are initiated solely via postings in Inventory management, no further Customizing settings are required, except for the assignment of the storage locations to the respective warehouse.

In the Warehouse Management functions, for example, you must enter the storage location, if required, in addition to the plant during physical inventory in order to uniquely identify the stocks.

In addition, the system supports scenarios in which the stocks in interim storage areas are to be managed in different storage locations than the stocks in the warehouse. Examples: the definition of an independent production storage location or the separation of stocks in goods receipt processing of stocks stored using special storage locations.

In such scenarios, you have stock placement and stock removal requirements for a storage location for which there are no stocks in the warehouse. Here you must determine the storage location to which the stock belongs and then generate changes for the respective stocks between the different storage locations involved in Inventory Management. These posting changes can either be processed immediately (and automatically) after transfer order confirmation or accumulated through a batch run of the report RLLQ0100. If a problem occurs, a processor defined in the system can be informed by mail. This person then executes the posting change manually using the transaction LQ01.

To activate these functions, additional settings in Customizing for Control of storage locations and posting changes are required.

Change system parameters in customizing

To simplify the control per storage location, a storage location reference can be assigned to the combination PLANT/STORAGE LOCATION. This storage location reference is used as an influencing factor in the following cases:

1. To determine the WM movement type. In this way, if you have similar goods movements for different storage locations, the postings are made to different interim storage areas.
2. To determine the storage types. In this way, different storage types can be used for stock placements and removals for different storage locations.

To activate this option, additional settings are required in the Customizing section for Definition of storage location reference .

Changes to the interface

In the Warehouse Management functions, the plant specification is now supplemented by the respective storage location.