WM: SU-Managed Bulk Storage with Partial Pallets and Mixed Storage


Beginning with Release 4.0, it is possible to manage partial pallets and mixed storage in SU-managed bulk storage areas. With the partial pallet permission, you can pick partial quantities. You can configure Customizing using the switch Complete stock removal so that you can pick full pallets, even when partial picking is allowed. The use of a pick point is no longer required. The usage of the field "Total" in the table Storage Type Control for Bulk Storage in Customizing has been changed. Previously, for mixed storage of batches, the totals information was "batch neutral." Consequently, the removal items were also batch-neutral up to the point of confirmation.

It is now possible to control this situation. Even when there are several batches in a bin, you can find the batch in the transfer order during a stock removal. Therefore, for all bulk storage areas in which the same materials and batches are stored, this totals information is converted to 2 (Totals information with batch) using an XPRA.

Change system parameters in customizing

The usage of the option

Level of totals information in Customizing of the SU-managed bulk storage area has changed. Existing settings will be adjusting using an XPRA during the release change.

Effect on batch input

The changed screens make it necessary to modify existing batch inputs for the confirmation of picked storage units. As an alternative, these batch inputs can be switched over using the function module L_TO_CONFIRM.

Changes to the interface

Because of the handling of mixed pallets, the screen for confirming stock removals from SU-managed bulk storage was modified. After you have entered the storage unit number, the system displays the batches and the quantities. Consequently, the system suggests the available quantity as the pick quantity. Now you can change the pick quantity or enter a difference. The remaining quantity cannot be entered and is calculated by the system from the available quantity and the difference quantity. If you reduce the pick quantity to 0 , it is the same as taking back the storage unit.

If the quantity of the first batch of the SU you enter first exceeds the pick quantity, the system suggests the removal quantity as the pick quantity.