WM: Stock Search


For Release 4.0, we have created a stock search function for the entire logistics area. This function enables you to determine stocks from different stock categories and from different applications.
In Customizing for the stock search, you can define strategies that make it possible to search for stock in a certain sequence. The most common usage for stock search is the processing of consignment stocks and company-owned stocks.

Using the stock search for the WM component, you can, for example, set the following stock search strategies:

The Warehouse Management component is to execute stock removals independently of the stock category using the stock removal strategy defined in WM (often search for oldest quant).
One after the other, the storage types specified in the stock removal search sequence are used for the quant search. The sequence from the stock search strategy decides the sequence within the individual storage types.


Stock removal from high-rack storage area: first stocks from the stock category "consignment", and, if not available, stocks from the category "company-owned stock".

In this case, the result of the stock search decides the stock removal. If, for example, first the stocks of the stock category "consignment" are to be searched for, this search will be executed for all storage types in the stock removal search sequence. Afterwards, the search is in the next stock category.


Stock removal from consignment stock vendor X, search in all storage types of search sequence high-rack storage area, bulk storage area, area for small parts. Then, for example, search for company-owned stock in the storage types of the above search sequence.

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Stock search

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