WM: Background Processing for Inspection Lot Putaways


As of Release 3.0, the system checked requirements for putaways as to whether an active inspection lot with a calculated sample quantity existed for a putaway. If this was the case, a dialog box was automatically displayed by the system. Here the user had to make a decision regarding the use of the sample in Warehouse Management.

As of Release 4.0, a Customizing setting is provided for this function in order to make it possible to have this dialog box run in the background. The entries required in the dialog box can now be preset in Customizing. Using an additional switch, you can control whether the dialog box is to be processed in the background or in the foreground with the values from Customizing.

In this way it is also possible to process such transfer requirements via direct or automatic transfer order creation if all the required entries exist in Customizing.

Change system parameters in customizing

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