WM: New Confirmation


Release 4.0 provides an alternative to the confirmation function as it has existed up to now. The initial screen of the confirmation procedure is the same as in the confirmation function used so far. The selection screen contains a pushbutton for the entry list (for standard confirmation, selection the pushbutton Standard) that you use to select the function. The data is entered individually using the transfer order number . A line is displayed for the header data in the new dialog mode for each transfer order item. For each item, thetarget data is specified by the system, and you can correct the actual data manually if it differs from the target data. Alternatively, you can enter differences in the field difference quantities . The difference quantity plus the actual quantity must then equal the target quantity.

These procedures enable you to verify data quickly and easily.

With the search function for transfer order item and material number, the system provides for quick positioning in the transfer order. It is thus possible to quickly find and process individual items.

You can branch to the detailed screen for the transfer order header and for each transfer order item (for viewing purposes).

The entire processing list (that is, the transfer order items to be processed) can be split up into different processing groups. The different groups remain until you leave the transaction. You also have an active processing list that contains the quantities ready for entry. From this list you can select and deselect items. You then proceed to the group of deactivated items. Deactivated items can be reactivated. The items that are already confirmed belong to a special group and are not listed in the active work list. Items that were "confirmed" internally during the transaction belong to the group of internally confirmed items and are also not listed in the active work list. The status "confirmed internally" means that the confirmation has not yet been posted. If you leave the transaction before the update posting has been made, this will have the effect that the internal confirmation is reversed.

An additional function that is provided with Release 4.0 is the possibility to create packaging for the transfer order. By selecting the pushbutton Packaging , you can switch directly to the packaging dialog of the delivery. There you can create shipping units.
(See also Free packaging in WM.)

Change system parameters in customizing

For the movement type you can set which confirmation dialog is to supplied as default in the section Define movement types.

Dependent functions

You can implement the new dialog function both for the Warehouse Management component with full functionality as well as for Lean-WM.