WM: Transfer Order Splitting


To achieve a balanced distribution of the workload in the warehouse, transfer orders should be split. The splitting is controlled by Customizing. Value limits for the target time (header information), volume, and weight of the transfer order ensure targeted distribution of the daily work load. Also, it is possible to activate the picking area, using an indicator, as a splitting criterion.

Together with the splitting process, dynamic sorting takes place. This is also controlled by Customizing.

For this sorting process, you can use the sequence field in the storage bin. This field allows you to enter the exact sequence in which the storage bins (for example, during picking) are to be processed. Since the user does not know the exact geometrical warehouse structure, it is possible to achieve this effect by using this field. For more information, refer to the sequence field in the Implementation Guide (IMG).

Change system parameters in customizing

For this split, you can create profiles for the warehouse number and the profile number. You will find this table in the section Customizing Warehouse Management.

For splitting by picking area , there is a special indicator, and for the split by target time, volume, and weight, you can store value limits for each profile. If no value limit is specified, this means the respective criterion is not active. Also, in this profile you can store a sort profile indicator. This indicator must be defined in the respective profile table for sorting. This table is on the same level as the split profile table.

The defined profile numbers for the split can be assigned to the key warehouse number, type, source storage type, and destination storage type in the performance data table. You assign a splitting profile using this profile number.