WM: Update Transfer Requirements when Discrepancies Occur


If differences exist when you confirm orders for transfer requirements, it depends on the destination storage bin in the transfer requirement as to whether the transfer requirement is open (needs to be processed) again or not. The idea behind this is that the process, regardless of whether there are differences or not, is generally already decided for putaways (the destination bin in the transfer requirement is not set). Regardless of whether the difference quantity no longer exists or has been destroyed, it no longer needs to be stored.

For stock removals in which the destination bin has been set in the transfer requirement, the material requirement still exists; therefore, the transfer requirement item is open again.

Beginning with Release 4.0, you can influence the status of the transfer requirement after confirming a transfer order with a difference using the difference indicator.

Change system parameters in customizing

In Customizing, there is a new attribute for the difference indicator that controls the update of transfer requirements.

Confirmation - Definition of difference indicators