WM: Processing Posting Changes from within WM


Using the new transaction Posting change in WM and IM, you can process posting changes for quants entirely within the Warehouse Management component. The system then carries out all necessary processes in the Inventory Management (MM-IM) component.

Using a Customizing table in WM, you define movement types for the individual posting change processes that subsequently determine how the system will process the posting changes. For example, you can configure the system so that the quants of consignment stock are to be converted into one's own stock. Also, you can assign the WM movement type to an IM movement type that determines with which movement type the posting is to be carried out in Inventory Management.

The transaction is possible for the following posting change transactions:

You can start the program in the foreground. You can then select the quants via the corresponding functions for the posting change.

If you start the program in the background, the system converts all quants that fulfill the corresponding selection conditions in WM and IM. You can also start the report in batch via the control parameter "background."

The advantage of this new function is the significant simplification of handling posting changes. You can carry out certain posting changes directly as a one-step process (the posting takes place in WM and IM at the same time) with very little manual entry required.

Damage caused to data by errors

The posting change in the WM and IM components takes place in an LUW (logical work unit). In case of an error, any system updates that may have already been carried out are deleted (taken back again).

Change system parameters in customizing

Define posting changes

Further notes

Not all possible posting change variants are supported by this new function. For certain posting changes, for example, for active QM components, posting changes (transfer postings) are still carried out first in IM and subsequently processed as posting change notices in Warehouse Management.