WM: Free Packaging in WM


In this first variant, there is now a connection from WM to the packaging functions in the Shipping component. The following two functions can be used:

When you create a transfer order for delivery , you can call up a Customer Exit using a routine of the Shipping component. This Customer Exit can determine a packaging proposal for the transferred TO items. The result is that the system proposes what is known as free packaging with reference to the TO header. Free packaging means shipping units without contents, that is, no TO items are assigned to the shipping units. The shipping unit information can be printed on the transfer order documents and are used by the picker for information on which and how many shipping containers he must organize for picking.
During the confirmation of the transfer order, you can branch to the entry screen for free packaging by calling up the respective function. If you were working with the packaging proposal described above, the shipping units described there are proposed for processing. Otherwise, shipping units can be entered without reference to transfer order items.
When you post the TO confirmation, the system updates the shipping units in the delivery, in addition to the quantities. Here, too, these are what we refer to as free packaging (without contents). Subsequent assignment of delivery items to the shipping unit is possible.