WM: Cycle Counting: New Developments


The Cycle Counting inventory in WM has been extended:

1. In IMG there is a new switch for
Setting the CC Inventory in the storage type, similar to the zero stock check . In this way, you can select additionally the procedure for this storage type in order to count, at the end of the year, all bins where inventory has not yet been taken. Since this change is compatible with all upgrades of the system, an XPRA is run for each Release change so that no Customizing modifications are necessary.
2. You can now start the program for several storage types. Only those storage types where the switch for "Cycle Counting" is set are included. From the list, you can call up a log that lists all the storage types that have not been included.
3. The list created by the program can be sorted according to material, storage bin , inventory date, or remark, for analysis. When you create the physical inventory documents from the list, the system sorts the list by storage bin again since the sequence of the storage bins, for the most part, describes the physical layout of the warehouse.
4. Using the extended selections of the program, you can select further parameters, such as special stock, in addition to the actual material number.

Change system parameters in customizing

Define types per storage type