WM: Monetary Limit for Inventory Recount


When you start an inventory recount, as an alternative to specifying a percentage deviation in stock differences, beginning with Release 4.0A a new field has been added so that you can specify a monetary value for stock differences.

If the value of the stock difference exceeds the value you specify, the system then proposes those quants for the recount.

You can process these quants manually. The system automatically processes all other differences in the background - that is, all differences whose value is under the value you specify and, thus, require no special handling in your company.

When the differences are being cleared, all the counted results with a relative deviation that is less than the limit value you specify are marked.


If you enter 200 in the field Value and the currency is defined as US dollars for the plant concerned, the system will propose any inventory differences for recount whose value exceeds US$ 200.

Changes to the interface

This new field appears on the initial screen when you select Inventory -> Count results -> Recount from the WM main menu.

It also appears for clearing differences when you select Inventory -> Clear differences -> Warehouse management