WM: Reorganization and Archiving


Reorganization: Program RLRE311X

With the introduction of 2-step picking in WM, the reorganization of the tables has been enhanced to include Table T311L (Definition of the Run within a WM Reference Number). The report separates the entries to be reorganized into normal multiple processing and those for 2-step picking. This criterion for reorganization for 2-step picking is the indicator "completed" in T311 (Definition of the WM Reference Number).


The WM-specific file names for the archive files were replaced with the general logical file name "ARCHIVE_DATA_FILE." You can now start the reports for reading the archived files from archive management.

When you archive transfer orders that are earmarked for the entry of performance data , the system checks to see whether the performance data was completely processed. This is checked in the logical RTL database.