Logistics Invoice Verification: EDI


As of Release 4.0, you can post invoices received by EDI in Logistics Invoice Verification.

Change system parameters in customizing

In Customizing for "IDoc interface / Electronic Data Interchange" you can configure the transaction code in the partner profiles so that an invoice received by EDI is posted in the conventional Invoice Verification component or in Logistics Invoice Verification.

When posting in Logistics Invoice Verification, under "Invoice Verification - EDI - Program parameters", you tell the the system how to react when differences occur in quantities or values between the invoice received and the invoice the system expects to receive. Three configurations are possible:

The system posts the document with the different values/quantities.
The system posts the document items with the default quantities and items; the difference between the total default values and the actual values invoiced are posted to an invoice reduction clearing account. A second document (a credit memo) is also created as an offsetting entry clearing the balance on the clearing account.
The system saves the document with the different values and quantities and sets the document status to "containing errors".
The document has to be processed manually to determine whether the difference is a vendor error (with the invoice being reduced) or whether it should be accepted.