Logistics Invoice Verification: Manual invoice reduction


As of Release 4.0 you can post a vendor invoice in Logistics Invoice Verification and have the system post a credit memo for the difference between the value of the invoice and the value for which the system expected an invoice (target value).

This is possible for price and quantity differences.

Previously when the amount or the quantity was too high in an invoice item, all you could do was overwrite the value suggested by the system with the amount in the invoice (or the quantity suggested by the quantity in the invoice). Depending on how the tolerance limits were set, a warning message may have appeared. If you acknowledged the message by pressing Enter, the system posted the invoice and blocked it for payment.

You can still do this: you can accept the price or quantity difference by overwriting the suggested values. The system then posts the item with the accepted amount or quantity.

You also have the option of leaving the amount or quantity suggested by the system as it is, entering the amount or quantity actually invoiced in a separate field, and indicating that the vendor made a mistake. The system then posts the invoice document with the amounts actually invoiced and also posts a credit memo for the difference.


Purchase order 100 pieces à 5 $/piece
Goods receipt 100 pieces
Invoice 100 pieces à 7 $/piece = $ 700

If you want the invoice to be reduced, you enter it as follows:
Item list in Invoice Verification

System suggestion Invoice
Quantity Value Quantity Value
100 500 100 700

When you post, the system creates two FI documents, an invoice and a credit memo, as follows:

GR. IR Credit memo
Stock account 500 +
GR/IR clrng accnt 500 - 500 +
Vendor account 700 - 200 +
Inv.red. clrng accnt 200 + 200 -