Logistics Invoice Verification: Invoice Verification in the background


In Logistics Invoice Verification, you can have the system post invoices in the background. All you have to do is enter the header data (document date, gross amount invoiced, currency, etc.), match the invoice with a document and tell the system when the invoice is to be posted. The date for the posting can be soon or later in the future. You must define jobs that allow Invoice Verification to be run regularly in the background. Jobs for which invoices are to be posted soon should be run more often than jobs in which invoices are posted later.

If you enter an invoice for verification in the background, the system saves it and does not check it until the next job is run for the date you entered. This can result in the following:

Note that the system does not check the invoice at item level, as you did not enter any item information. The system finds the items data using the allocation criteria you entered and assumes that the default values calculated for the item data is correct. The system uses this information to calculate the net total of the invoice. If the net amount plus tax does not differ from the gross amount of the invoice you entered or if the difference is within the tolerance limits set, the system posts the invoice.
If possible, the system copies over the items to the document as per the allocation criteria. The document has to be processed manually by the user in a separate transaction. The system creates a list of all the documents for processing. You can go from the list to an item list and make corrections. You can either post the corrected document manually or have the document re-checked in the background when the next job is run. The system either posts the document or puts it in the list of documents with errors that have to be processed manually.