QM: New Authorizations


The authorization functions have been expanded as follows:

These authorization objects only take effect if you enter data in the 'authorization group' field for the respective master data.

Approvals for inspection plans and inspection lots

In certain branches of the process industry (for example, the pharmaceutical industry), the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) require that certain master data and master data changes must be subjected to an approval procedure. You can only process work orders if they are controlled by approved master data or if they have been explicitly approved. In the QM component, this includes the following objects:

Digital signature

In many industries (above all, the pharmaceutical industry), the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) specify that only users with special authorization be allowed to execute, monitor, or approve certain transactions. In QM, these transactions are as follows:

The digital signature serves as a technical aid for this requirement. When an authorized user wants to save data, he or she inserts an indvidual identification card (containing the user identification and password) into a smart-card reader and enters a password. The system checks whether this information corresponds to the information in the individual's user master record.

Change system parameters in customizing

If you want to use these authorization objects, you must define authorization groups in Customizing and assign the corresponding authorizations to the authorized persons in their user master records.