QM: New Customer Exits


The QM application component has new interfaces for customer exits.

Quality Inspection

Specification/Batch valuation:
QMCF0001 Read material specification/configuration
QMSP0003 Batch valuation

Results recording:
QEEM0029 Subscreen for characteristic overview screen
QEEM0030 Subscreen for individual characteristic screen
QEEM0031 External number assignment

Sample Management (physical samples):
QPRS0001 Function codes for processing a physical-sample record
QPRS0002 Number assignment for physical samples
QPRS0003 Include screen in physical-sample record
QPRS0004 Predefined data when creating physical samples

Quality Certificates

Certificate profile maintenance:
QCPA0004 Function code when processing the certificate profile
QCPA0005 Function code when processing the certificate profile
QCPA0006 Function code when processing the certificate profile
QCPA0007 Linking characteristics to the certificate profile
QCPA0008 Subscreen in the certificate profile header

Certificate creation:
QC100001 List of batches used
QC100002 Initialization of customer-specific function modules
QC100003 Before and after calling up the profile determination
QC100004 Before calling up the form printout
QC100006 After selecting the delivery data
QC100007 Changing the certificate profile characteristics

Quality Notifications

QQMA0015 Before calling up the F4-help for a catalog
QQMA0016 User data in menu 'Goto > Task'
QQMA0017 User data in menu 'Goto > Activity'
QQMA0018 Deadline changes after entering the priority
QQMA0019 Predefined partner data when creating a notification
QQMA0020 Determining the BOM application