QM: Quality Inspections for Externally Processed Operations


As of Release 4.0A, you can carry out a quality inspection for externally processed operations. The system creates inspection lots when goods receipts are posted for purchase orders for externally processed materials.

When Materials Management processes purchase orders and goods receipts for an externally processed operation, it uses the material number "0". In QM, this number is replaced by the material number specified in the order. This allows you to use nearly all of the functions for processing a goods receipt inspection. You use special inspection types to define the requirements for these types of inspections and to distinguish these inspection lots from normal goods receipt inspection lots.

Business process:



Changes to the interface

You can store an inspection type in the external processing data of the operation in the routing or in the operation of the order. If you store an inspection type in the operation of the routing, the system automatically copies it into the operation of the order.

Further notes

You can use this new function for the following inspection processing applications:

Different inspection plans

You can assign a task list usage to an inspection type.
This allows you to define inspection plans that you can use to externally process final products and the system can assign these plans to inspection lots automatically. In this way, you can use different types of inspection plans for goods receipt inspections - especially, if the final product is also externally procured.