QM: New Features for Sample Determination and Dynamic Modification


As of Release 4.0A, you can use the following new functions for sample determination and dynamic modification:

Dynamic modification and sample determination without an inspection plan or material specification

You can have the system calculate the sample sizes and dynamically modify the inspection scope for an inspection lot without having to use an inspection plan or material specification.

To do this, you must store the sampling procedure and dynamic modification rule in the QM inspection data of the material master (possible for each inspection type).

The system dynamically modifies the inspection scope at the lot level when the usage decision is made. The system determines the dynamic modification criteria on the basis of the inspection lot origin.

Dynamic modification according to manufacturer

The existing dynamic modification criteria "material," "vendor," and "customer" have been expanded to include the "manufacturer." You can use the following combinations of dynamic modification criteria for for goods receipt inspections:

Changing the dynamic modification level and automatically copying the current inspection stage

When you change the dynamic modification level to a lower level (for example, from lot-based dynamic modification to characteristic-based dynamic modification), the system can automatically copy the current inspection stage for the old dynamic modification level into the new dynamic modification level(s).

Dynamic modification across inspection lots for inspections during production with inspection points

If you use inspection points, the system can also dynamically modify the inspection scope for forthcoming inspection lots. The current inspection stage, however, applies to all inspection points in the current inspection lot.

This function, however, does not support dynamic modification in an inspection lot from one inspection point to the next inspection point.

Change system parameters in customizing

In the standard system, the possible reference dynamic modification levels are already active in Customizing.