QM: New Features for QM in Procurement


As of Release 4.0A, you can use the following new features for QM in procurement:

Skip for certified vendors

In the vendor master record or in the quality info-record, you can specify a QM-system that has been designated as "certified" in Customizing. Using this feature, you can prevent the system from creating an inspection lot for a goods receipt.

Lot creation status and inspection lot reference in the goods receipt document

The system sets a status in the goods receipt document that provides information about the creation of the inspection lot. The inspection lot number is also referenced in the goods receipt document.

Certificates in goods receipt

You can control the system response in the event a certificate is not received. For example, you can specify that the delivery be posted to blocked stock or you can instruct the system to issue an error message.

Deleting the quality info-record

To delete a quality info-record, you can mark it for deletion. In a future release, functions will be provided which will delete this data within the scope of a reorganization run.

Mass changes for quality info-records

When you make mass changes to quality info-records, you can specify release date or set a lock code for one or more quality info-records.

Change system parameters in customizing

The following Customizing setting is affected:

Define certificate processing

Effect on batch input

The individual screens in the quality info-record have been combined into a single overview screen.

As a result of this change, the system provides a better overview of the data. Make sure you take this change into consideration if you use any customer-specific batch inputs.