QM: Several Inspection Lots for a Single Run Schedule Header


As of Release 4.0A, you can create several inspection lots for a run schedule header. This allows you to create a new inspection lot after you have completed the current inspection lot, without having to create a new order. This function is especially useful if an inspection planner changes the planning data so that it affects the processing of a subsequent inspection lot (for example, if tolerances for a characteristic are changed or if a new operation with characteristics is inserted into the task list). In the run schedule header, you can display the current inspection lot and a list of all previous inspection lots.

Changes in procedure

When you make inspection-related changes to routings or rate routings, you no longer have to complete the current run schedule header and create a new order, to process another inspection lot using the current planning data.

Further notes

You can only create an another inspection lot for the same run schedule header if you have made the usage decision for the current inspection lot.