QM: Print Function for the Inspection Lot


In Release 4.0A, the existing function for the results printout (transaction QGA3) has been expanded to include the following functions:

Both the driver program RQGAAM31 and the standard form QM_INSP_RESULT were expanded for this functional enhancement.

Installation information

Changes to existing forms

In the process of enhancing the function for the results printout, the names of the following text elements in the form QM_INSP_RESULT were changed:

As a result of these changes, you may also have to modify the customer-specific forms.

Storing standard texts in Customizing

If you want to use exchangeable standard texts in the form, you must store the desired texts in Customizing.

Changes to the interface

The selection screen includes additional execution parameters. With the help of these indicators, you can control the output of data for a sample or for single values/classed results.