QM: SPC - New Functions for Quality Control Charts


This release note contains information about the new functions and transactions for quality control charts in Release 4.0A. You can only use certain functions if you change the settings for the control chart type in Customizing accordingly (see Quality Management -> Quality Planning -> Basic Data -> Sample, SPC -> Control Chart -> Define control chart type). These changes also apply to the control charts that already exist.

New transactions for quality control charts

Using the new transactions, you can also process and display quality control charts independently of the functions for recording, changing, and displaying inspection results.

You can access these transactions in the SAP main menu by choosing Logistics -> Quality management -> Quality planning -> Work list -> Quality control chart -> (...).
Using these new transactions, you can select, display, and process control charts for inspection lots or for inspection characteristics in a task list. In each case, the system displays a configurable list of the control charts from which you can make selections.
You can use the following functions in the list:

You can define general or user-specific selection variants and list variants in Customizing for the selection screens and list configuration.

New functions for quality control charts

You can use the following new functions for the control charts:

Technical changes

The following technical enhancements were made for the quality control charts: