QM: Evaluating Inspection Characteristics


In the transactions for results recording and the usage decision, you can call up the results history for an inspection characteristic. This allows you to compare the results of the current quality inspection with the results of previous inspections for the same material.

To carry out this evaluation without having to reference a current inspection lot, use the following transaction:

QGP1 Results history for inspection characteristic

You can find this transaction in the SAP main menu by choosing:

Logistics -> Quality management -> Information system -> Environment -> Evaluations -> Characteristics -> Task list results


Information systems -> Logistics -> Quality management -> Material -> Characteristics -> Task list results.

The system displays the selected inspection results in the form of a configurable list, in which each sample is displayed in a separate line. On the basis of icons, you can determine which samples have been accepted or rejected.

You can use the following functions in this list:

You can influence the data selection by means of a selection screen. For the selection screen and the configuration of the lists, you can define general or user-specific selection variants and list variants in Customizing; see Quality Management -> Quality Inspection -> List Definition -> Define variants (list view function).