QM: Summarizing Inspection Results in the QM Information System (QMIS)


As of Release 4.0A, the QM inspection results have been integrated in the QM Information System.

This allows you to:

Inspection results
By linking the results recording function to the LIS update program, you can use the LIS tools for updating, reporting, and analysis to evaluate the inspection results. On the basis of the integrated warning mechanisms in the Early Warning System (EWS), the system automatically informs you when threshold values are exceeded and when trends develop in the key figures.
Inspection results are transferred and updated in the QMIS during results recording when an inspection characteristic is closed. If an inspection characteristic is put into process again, the update program records this and changes the dataset. You can call up the function to summarize the data at the sample or characteristic level.

Standard information structures and standard analyses

You can use the following new standard information structures to analyze the inspection results:

Process models

The system can calculate the statistical values for the mean value, standard deviation, cp value, and cpk value for quantitative characteristics using the follwing three different process models:

You can only set the corresponding process model at runtime. The process model is stored in the user master under the parameter 'MCQ'.

The calculation of the cp and cpk values is only recommeded if the current drill-down list contains an inspection characteristic or master inspection characteristic.

Deleting inspection lots

Inspection lots that will be deleted or whose deletion flags are to be cancelled are taken into consideration when the LIS updates the data. The system updates the dataset accordingly.

Existing data sets

Older datasets (created before Release 4.0) must be set up again. Otherwise, this data will not be included in the analyses.
The program for setting up the data is stored in Customizing (see Logistics - General -> Logistics Information System -> Logistics Data Warehouse -> Data Basis -> Tools -> Setup of Statistical Data -> Application-Specific Setup of Statistical Data -> Quality Management).

Installation information

To integrate the inspection results in the QMIS, the customer has to customize table TQ55 by entering the desired update groups for "General results" (STAFO_RALL) and "Quantitative results" (STAFO_RQUN) for each inspection lot origin.

You can copy these columns from the standard client 000, which contains the following settings:

01 000052 000053
02 000050 000051
03 000050 000051
04 000050 000051
05 000050 000051
06 000050 000051
07 000052 000053
08 000050 000051
09 000050 000051
10 000054 000055
11 000054 000055
12 000050 000051
13 000050 000051
89 000050 000051

Procedure for removing dataset errors

Inspection lots that produce errors when they are summarized are inconsistent and must be removed from the dataset.