QM: New Functions for the Certificate Profile


As of Release 4.0A, you can use the following new functions in the transactions for the certificate profile:

The system creates change documents for released certificate profiles. It creates exactly one change document header record for all changes that you make each time you call up a transaction. The individual changes are documented on the item level of the change document. When you delete characteristics or materials, the system documents the contents of all previously existing fields.
You can display the change documents in a list window using the transactions to display and change certificate profiles. A short text header is provided for each item as an explanatory text. The change document also contains a header line for the individual levels (header, materials, characteristics, characteristic texts).
Long text changes are not documented in detail.

The screens sections are now displayed in a table control format.
On the characteristic overview screen, you can now enter all detail data without having to branch to the detail screen. The characteristic texts are also directly accessible from the overview screen.

On the detail screen and screen for the characteristic texts, you can use the navigation functions for the other characteristics.

If the data origins or text elements for the characteristics are not compatible with the remaining data, the system issues corresponding warning messages.

You can copy the characteristics that reference master inspection characteristics from a task list into a certificate profile. After you have entered the selection criteria and selected a task list, you can select several characteristics and copy them into the certificate profile with suitable default values. The system allows you to copy both referenced and copied characteristics from the task list. If the authorization group for the characteristic contains an entry, the system checks the authorization when the characteristic is copied.

Using a new function key, you can display all currently valid assignments for a certificate profile and all assignments that will be valid in the future.

Several new customer exits are also available. Refer to the following release note for more information about these customer exits:
QM: New Customer Exits