QM/PM/SM: Creating a Notification Using a Copy Model


As of Release 4.0A, the function for creating a notification using a copy model has been changed and enhanced. You no longer have to call up a separate transaction to use this function. Instead, you choose the function Notification -> Create and enter the number of a notification to be used as a copy model directly on the initial screen.

If you specify a notification number for a copy model, the system copies the notification data such as reference objects, problem description (including long text), contact person, items, tasks, and activities (including long text) into the new notification.

You can use any notification type as a copy model for a new notification. The notification type of the new notification is irrelevant.

When you save the new notification, the notification number of the copy model is copied into the new notification as a reference. This allows you to select all notifications that were created using a specific copy model.

Damage caused to data by errors

If an error occurs when you create a notification using a copy model (for example, if a reference document in the copy model no longer exists), the field content is not copied into the new notification and the system documents a corresponding error message in a log.

The system creates a notification nevertheless.

Changes in procedure

The function for creating a notification using a copy model is now integrated in the initial screen for creating a notification. It is no longer a separate transaction.