QM/PM: Test Equipment Management and Enhanced Inspection Processing


In Release 4.0A, the Plant Maintenance (PM) and Quality Management (QM) functions have been integrated.

You can now append inspection characteristics (with their inspection specifications and tolerances) to the operations in the PM maintenance task lists. When a maintenance order is released, the system automatically creates an inspection lot. You can then record inspection results and valuate the test equipment in the inspection lot. The system can transfer the inspection results into the measured value history for the equipment or functional locations.

This allows you to take advantage of two new applications:

You can also use the QM inspection specifications, inspection tolerances and statistics for PM and SM applications.

Recording measured values on the basis of QM inspection results

If you use the QM functions for results recording to record inspection results for a maintenance order, the system automatically transfers the inspection results that have been defined on the basis of a PM measuring point to a measurement document. For qualitative inspection results, the system transfers codes from the respective code group.

When you record results using the QM functions, the system can also transfer codes from selected sets. Selected sets are not available for a direct qualitative valuation in PM.


To transfer the inspection results for the QM characteristics to the measuring points in PM, you must make sure the measuring point and the master inspection characteristic reference the same general characteristic in the Classification System.

Change system parameters in customizing

You activate the inspection processing functions in PM ( Customizing for order type).

Further notes

The supplementary functions for the QM-supported inspection are described in the following PM documentation: Maintenance Task Lists, Maintenance Planning, and Completion Confirmations.