Variable View of the Reference Object in Notification, Order, Maintenance Plan


From Release 4.0A, you can set the view that is valid for the reference object for notifications, orders and maintenance plans in Plant Maintenance. The following variants are provided in the Standard System:

For variants in which the material serial number exist as a view, a new variant of the object list is chosen for orders and maintenance items. In this variant the object list also includes the material and serial number. The usual variants retain the former object list with functional location, equipment and so on. However, by converting the object list to table control, the list can be modified to meet the requirements of individual users.

This means that you are able to select the view of the reference object that is the most appropriate. for the respective business process. The proposed view can be changed when creating a transaction if required.

Change system parameters in customizing

Assignment to notifications by notification types and user values

Assignment to orders by profiles and user values

Assignment to maintenance plans/items using maintenance plan categories

If no separate screen types are set for the view of the reference object, the former standard settings are used.