Common Processing of Notifications and Orders


To improve the operation of the system when processing notifications and orders, technical adjustments have been made which provide you with a number of new functions and greater simplicity.

Commonn processing of notification and order

When calling up notification data and when returning to the order, you no longer need to save the notification separately. You can consider all the changes to notification and order as one logical step.

Creating several notifications for an order

The object list is saved together with the notifications and the order.

Notification and order data on one screen

In the Customizing of order types, you can define whether the notification data should be displayed together with the order and which notification type should be set set if still no notification has been created for the order.

Technical completion of order and notification with additional entry of completion confirmation data

For the completion of notifications in connection with the technical completion of the order, you can enter additional data (for example, damage code, cause).

Change system parameters in customizing

If you want to process notification data in the order data screen, maintain Maintain notification and order data on screen .