Order-related Shift Planning


From Release 4.0A, you have the option, during the order entry or order processing, of assigning the work for the entire order to a single employee.

This order-related work assignment is an alternative to the supported assignment of one or more employees for individual operations.

Important innovations for employee assignment

Using the
partner determination procedures , you can assign a responsible employee to an order. To do this, you can use different types of partners (user, organizational units, personnel master records etc.).
In the partner determination procedure, you can also set the type "Personnel" for partners, so that load records are automatically created for the employee. If an employee has already been created manually for an operation, this assignment is not overwritten by the automatic assignment.
The following functions are available for employee assignment using F4 Help:

Change system parameters in customizing

Maintain your

partner determination procedure of the order and add, if necessary, partner function and load indicator.