Generation of a Service Order from the Sales Order


You can create a sales order and then create a service order automatically from the sales order item.

When doing this, you can use the configuration for the service to be performed. The configuration data is used to select, evaluate and transfer into the new service order, operations and components of a super general maintenance task list in the sales order item.


The strategy group defined in the material master record for the service product controls whether a service order is created automatically when a sales order is created.

You must also define the default values that are to be copied to the service order for each service product under Logistics -> Service Management -> Service processing, Environment -> Sales and distribution -> Service products .


If you use this option when a customer sends you - as a service provider - a defect device to be repaired, you should be aware that you cannot track sales order stock by goods movements, but only by using assigned documents (service notifications, sales orders).

Process flow

The following scenarios are conceivable: