Routings: Cumulating Standard Values


Before Release 4.0A you could manually cumulate standard values from suboperations in the appropriate operation. To do so you choose Extras -> Cumulate std values in the operation overview.

As from Release 4.0A you can also give the new indicator Type of Cumulation the value 2 (cumulation in order). In orders the standard values from the suboperations are then automatically cumulated in the operations the suboperations belong to.

Changes to the interface

The new indicator Type of Cumulation has been included both in the operation overview and the new Transfer to orders section of the operation details screen.

Further notes

The automatic cumulation is particularly useful if you work with configurable routings. Standard values from suboperations, which are not required due to the configuration, are not then taken into account during automatic cumulation.

If you automatically cumulate standard values, it is often sensible to omit the suboperations in the order. As from Release 4.0A a new function is available for this purpose. For more information, see the Release note Omitting Suboperations.