Long-term Planning: New Functions


Long-term planning provides you with tools for monitoring and planning future requirements and resources. Using these tools you can create various versions of the demand program for annual planning, for example, and simulate their effects in MRP and capacity planning.

Long-term planning is controlled by a special planning scenario and is completely independent of operative planning. In the planning scenario, you can adjust the settings of simulative planning to suit your particular needs.

In release 4.0, long-term planning includes simulation for short-term and mid-term planning. Long-term planning has been enhanced to include the following functions:

In the planning scenario, you can define whether you want to use direct production. Like operative planning, long-term planning also supports direct production. However, in long-term planning only the header order of a collective order can be changed. All other orders in the collective order are only displayed.
After optimization in long-term planning, you can copy firm planned orders as well as the demand program from long-term planning to operative planning.