Planning functions taking account of setup time


The setup time of an operation that is to be processed at a work center can depend on which operation was processed previously at the work center. The setup time thus depends on the setup state of the work center.

Until now you could adjust the setup times of operations by manually changing the setup standard values on the planning tables.

In Release 4.0A various new planning functions are available (on the capacity planning table) that automatically take the setup state of the work center into account:

This functions adjusts the setup time of every operation in a commitment depending on the predecessor at the work center. To select the function choose: Functions -> Adjust setup time -> Automatically.
For this function you must activate Insert operation and Plan. direction forwards in the strategy profile.
This function dispatches operations in an already existing commitment in such a way that the total setup time is reduced as little as possible. You adjust the setup times of the dispatched operations by carrying out the automatic setup time adjustment after dispatching.
If you want to use this function for dispatching you should activate the indicator in Dispatch to optimize setup time in the strategy profile. This automatically activates Insert operation .
This function first generates a sequence for the operations to be dispatched that minimizes the setup time. The initial setup state is also taken into account. Then the operations are dispatched in this sequence with adjusted setup times, either directly after an already existing commitment or on today's date if no operations have been dispatched to the work center. If you activate Date entry on dispatching in the strategy profile then you can specify a dispatching date.
If you want to use this functions you must activate the function Setup time optimization in the strategy profile. This automatically activates the functions Planning direction forwardsand Insert operation. Dispatching to optimize setup and Dispatch at earliest point in time are automatically deactivated.

All these planning functions are cross-work center functions.

To calculate the setup time of an operation these functions do not use the setup standard value from the operation but a suitable standard value from the Setup matrix that you maintain in Customizing for capacity planning. In the setup matrix the setup standard value is derived from the setup state of the work center as follows:

A setup state of the work center is defined by the setup group category and the setup group key in the operation. The sequence of two operations that are processed at the work center one after the other corresponds to the transition between two setup states of the work center. You assign the setup standard value for the successor operation to this setup transition in the setup matrix.

You must also specify in the setup matrix whether transitions are permitted or not. This is automatically taken into account when optimizing setup time or when dispatching operations to optimize setup time. If you automatically adust the setup time for the commitment then transitions that are not permitted are highlighted.