Planning functions on the planning tables for capacity leveling


For Release 4.0A the following new functions are available:

You can fix time periods on the planning tables using the menu options Edit -> Fix time periods . You cannot change planning in the fixed time periods, that means you cannot dispatch, reschedule or deallocate operations. If necessary, you can reverse the fixing of the time periods and carry out planning in them as usual. You can also fix time periods with the new user exit CY040001.
You can specify in the strategy profile

that when dispatching on the capacity planning table the start and finish dates of operations are defined by a period split.

You can choose between the following period splits:
You use various indicators in the period split to define that operations for example,
With this function you can dispatch operations in non-work periods in the planning tables without first having to change the available capacities at the work centers.
During dispatching the calendar, operating times and available capacities at work centers are ignored and instead the following data is used:
Operating time 00:00 to 24:00
Efficiency rate 100%
If you want to use this function you must set the indicator Planning in non-work periods in the strategy profile.
With this dispatching function the system searches for remaining available capacity in the whole of the planning table during dispatching of operations and not just in the planning direction specified in the strategy profile.
If you want to activate this dispatching function you must set the indicator Change planning direction in the strategy profile. The indicator Insert operation must not be set otherwise the system only searches for remaining available capacity in the planning direction.
If an error occurs operations are not moved in accordance with the activated planning functions Close gaps or Insert operation if an error occurs.
Until now the rescheduling of operations was only terminated if an error occurred. Operations already dispatched remained in their new situation. Now all operations remain unchanged in their original situation in the case of an error.
You can manually dispatch, deallocate and reschedule groups of selected operations on the capacity planning table using the drag and drop function. Press the SHIFT key and drag the selected objects to the desired place while keeping the left key pressed down. The dispatching date is the date corresponding to the position of the end of the cursor. The operations are dispatched or rescheduled in the sequence that you have specified in the strategy profile.
You can display the following data on the capacity commitment on either of the planning tables:
Select the capacities or operations and choose Extras -> Planning info system . If you select an operation the information for the capacity assigned to it is displayed.
You can create an order from the planning tables with Goto -> Order -> Create . It is scheduled automatically and you can dispatch it as usual.
In the strategy profile you could until now use the sequence layout key to specify the dispatching sequence of the selected operations to be dispatched. You can now also specify a sort key that contains several sequence layout keys. Thus you can for example simultaneously dispatch both planned orders and production orders in the desired sequence.