Material availability check (ATP) for production orders


As of Release 4.0A you can carry out availability checks for work orders (production orders, maintenance orders, process orders, inspection orders and networks) according to ATP logic on the capacity planning table.

To do this select the operations and choose Functions -> Availability check

The availability of components is checked at the requirements date at order level, that is for all the operations in an order. Operations with missing parts are highlighted. You can analyze the result of the availability check in the planning log. Here you can see a list of all the orders checked.

Display list of missing parts

If at least one operation is selected because of missing parts, then you can display the list of missing parts for a specific operation after you have repeated the material availability check for this operation.

Settings in Customizing

You make the necessary settings for the availability check in Customizing for production orders.

You specify the color used to highlight the missing parts either in Customizing for capacity leveling or online in the check report for capacity leveling. In this connection read the release note Check report for capacity leveling .